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Browse through the entries here and rate up the games you want to see made available via Steam. After the launch of Steam Greenlight, we realized that it was a useful stepping stone for moving to a more direct distribution system, but it still left . Market-dominating PC game store Steam is ending the X Factor-style voting system it has used for the past five years to decide which . Valve is set to drop its Steam Greenlight system — which allows customers to vote on small-scale and fledgling projects — in favor of a more . This one-time fee will grant your Steam account access to post and update as many of your games as you like within Greenlight. Steam Greenlight, the service that lets players vote on which products they’d like to see available on Valve’s popular storefront, is being .

Soon, anyone with paperwork and a fee payment will be able to sell on Steam. Valve har pratat om att stänga ner Greenlight i ett par år, och snart händer det!

Greenlight kommer ersättas av Steam Direct, . The following are games and other software that have cleared the Steam Greenlight process; in Greenlight, developers can put up their game concepts . After years of saying they’d do it, Valve is finally getting rid of Steam Greenlight, Steam’s user-driven service for admitting smaller games to the . PC gaming storefront Steam is abandoning its Greenlight scheme in favour of a new system called Steam Direct. Valve announced last week that it finally intends to do away with Steam Greenlight, replacing it with a more direct approval process aptly . Steam Greenlight was launched in 20as a way for indie developers to get their games on Steam, even if they weren’t working with a big . Macy Valve is putting an end to its Steam Greenlight program later this year. In its place, Valve is introducing a new service called . Valve has been dissatisfied with Steam Greenlight for at least as far back as early 201 when Gabe Newell described the system as probably . Valve wants to take itself out of the equation when it comes to the Steam PC gaming marketplace, and that means it is ending the Steam . The popularity contest of Steam Greenlight will end as Valve replace it with the new ‘Steam Direct’ scheme.

This will let devs register with Valve . Valve just killed Steam Greenlight and it has a replacement already lined up. Efter tiotusentals av underutvecklade spel och åratal av löften om förändring sen det introducerades år 201 har Valve äntligen bestämt sig för . Here are the steps to smoothly transition from Greenlight to Steam Direct. Follow these for any existing titles, and begin promotion early.

Steam Greenlight started off as a noble idea to help smaller developers get their games onto Steam by riling up community interest. Five years ago, in 201 Valve announced Steam Greenlight — a new attempt to surface content on Steam and allow users to vote on which . Valve shows Greenlight the red light. Valve have decided to close the Steam Greenlight platform and replace it instead with a process called . Steam Greenlight är ett enkelt sätt för indieutvecklare att ge ut sina spel, redan innan de är färdiga.

Kanske har det varit lite för enkelt, eftersom . Hold on to your racing seats: SuperTuxKart is on Steam Greenlight! Yup, the iconic open-source karting game is hoping to rev up enough .

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