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It’s an exclusive feature for the new iPhones that can be helpful if you can’t read small . Vy: Om du har en iPhone eller senare kan du välja en standardvy eller. Aktivera zoomfunktionen genom att dubbeltrycka på skärmen med tre.

Röstsamtalshantering; Hemknappen; Lätt att nå (iPhone och senare) . Om symbolerna på hemskärmen ser för stora ut eller är förstorade så att de fyller ut skärmen kan zoomfunktionen ha aktiverats på din enhet. Apple’s latest iPhones come with a new feature called Display Zoom, but what does it do? As I had mentioned briefly in my iPhone Plus tidbits post, Apple has added a new feature called Display Zoom in the new higher resolution .

The Zoom Controller allows you to easily access the zoom settings of iOS. To enable the Zoom Controller, follow the below procedure: Go to Settings General . Although the screens have gotten bigger in recent years, our view into the digital world is still pretty small. The iPhone and the iPhone Plus have two display resolutions available, standard and zoom. Display zoom can be accessed under Settings – Display .

How to make icons, text, and graphics larger with Display Zoom for iPhone 6. Make text and icons easier to see on your iPhone with Display . Zoom is an Accessibility feature that makes everything from text to icons to interface elements bigger and easier to see on the iPhone and iPad. Aqui você encontra as melhores ofertas do Smartphone Apple iPhone 16GB. Compare preços e economize na sua compra.

Phone e iPhone Plus são os primeiros modelos da Apple a terem tela grande. Encontre os melhores preços de iPhone no Zoom! Foto Smartphone Apple iPhone 16GB . Owners of iPhone and Plus can use these three key features to increase.

Display Zoom lets you choose between a Standard and Zoomed . Phone Plus and iPhone Plus, you can see that the iPhone Plus . We prepared ways to fix iPhone stuck in zoom mode for you, so make sure to read the instructions, and try them out. Sometimes you just want to see things larger on your iPhone screen, regardless of your eyesight. As the iPhone and Plus have proven, a lot . Top selling Iphone Zoom Lens Case is a great quality product – buy now.

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